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Drunk driving in Texas


We all know that drunk drivers can be charged with a crime if they cause an accident or injury. Many people are not aware that the victims of drunk drivers can file a civil claim against the person who hurt them and potentially their insurance provider. These civil cases allow the injured person to get compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses and other expenses caused by their accident.

At Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC, our Texas Car Accident Lawyers  represent the victims of drunk drivers across Texas from our offices in Houston, Dallas and McAllen. We use our years of experience with all types of car accident cases to create robust legal strategies that get results. You can learn more about how we can help you by scheduling your free consultation. Please call us at 713-231-9288 to set up your free first meeting.

Holding Drunk Drivers Financially Responsible For Accidents And Injuries

Drunk driving in Houston


As your representation, our lawyers will aggressively pursue the maximum recovery for all the damages you or your loved one experienced because of the drunk driver. Our personal injury lawyers will analyze every detail of your accident and craft a personalized plan for your case. In addition to collecting evidence, we will scrutinize every detail of a criminal case brought against the driver to create the most substantial accident claim.

Even if the driver who caused the accident is acquitted of DUI charges, you may be able to bring a civil case against them. Our lawyers will determine what compensation can be obtained and use creative approaches to get compensation. If the negligent parties do not offer a fair settlement, we will not hesitate to take your case to the courtroom.

In addition to handling straightforward drunk driving cases, we also handle related cases involving:

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