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Proving defamation in Texas

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Defamation, Privacy & Publicity

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If someone has ever defamed you, then you know how hurtful it can be. Unfortunately, proving defamation in a court of law is not an easy task. To make the process easier, you need to familiarize yourself with certain elements you may need to prove to win your defamation case.

False statement(s) purporting to be fact

You need to be able to show that there was a false statement made in writing or verbally that purports to be a factual statement about you or the person, business, product or service in question. To win your defamation case, it’s important to prove that the false statement was intentionally made and not as a result of an honest mistake.


For defamation to occur, the false statement needs to be “published” so that a third party can read or hear it. This means that the defamation must get communicated to someone other than the person who was allegedly defamed. Publication doesn’t have to be intentional – it can occur unintentionally.


In order to win your defamation case, you should be able to show that the false statement caused damage to you. This can include anything from emotional distress and humiliation to financial losses, which fall into the category of special damages. Special damages are those types of damage that can get valued in monetary terms. This means you may need to prove the extent of your financial losses as a result of defamation and how this loss occurred, such as lost business income.


Proving fault means proving that the person or business who made the false statement was at fault. In other words, they either knew the statement was false when they published it or acted recklessly in doing so.

If you can prove these three elements, then you have a strong case for defamation. However, keep in mind that every defamation case is unique and it’s always best to review the specifics of your case before deciding on the way forward

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