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Multi-car accidents in Texas can look like confusing messes. After a multi-car pileup occurs, figuring out which driver was at fault for the crash can be difficult. However, it will be important for the injured car accident victims to determine who was at fault so that they can pursue financial compensation.

The driver in the back is usually at fault

All car accidents are different, but generally speaking, investigators usually look closely at the driver of the car that was in the rear of a collision. The driver in the rear may have caused a chain reaction by pushing one car forward that then hit another car.

When a car accident occurs on a busy highway, there could be multiple cars in the rear of a pileup that was not responsible for the initial collision. They might have been surprised by the first crash and not had enough time to break.

There may be more than one at-fault driver

Motor vehicle accidents that involve multiple vehicles can be very complex. There is often more than one driver who has some fault for the crash. Even if one driver caused the initial collision, another driver could have made things worse by their failure to react appropriately.

If there is more than one at-fault driver, all of the at-fault drivers can be held liable in a personal injury claim. One driver may be more at fault than the other drivers and be ordered to pay a greater percentage of the victim’s damages. For example, one driver may be 75% at fault while another driver is 25% at fault.

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