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If you have been injured in a If you have been car accident In Texas, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. The attorneys at Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC, can handle all aspects of your personal injury claim. We will help you seek compensation for your medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and other hardships. Our experienced car accident lawyers fight for injured car accident clients across Texas from our offices in Houston, Dallas and McAllen.

This article below will encapsulate everything you need to know about how the Rose Sanders Law Firm advises every person on how to collect evidence to assist them or their Texas Car Accident Lawyer prove fault in a Car Accident.

People who experience an accident may have very different accounts of who is at fault The discrepancies in their perception or portrayal of events may make it difficult to establish who is liable.

When the cause of an accident is in dispute, claims examiners or courts may need supporting evidence to decide  Here are some examples of key evidence that can help someone get compensation for a serious car accident.


A photograph depicting the exact location of a collision could conclusively demonstrate fault. If a vehicle moved a considerable distance on impact, it may signify that a vehicle’s speed was unsafe. A photograph could also show if a vehicle has entered the wrong direction of traffic.

Damage report

The damage to a vehicle can be very telling about how an accident occurred. Damage could reveal the direction a vehicle was traveling, its speed and whether the driver braked.

Service records

Some serious accidents happen because a vehicle’s owner neglected preventative maintenance or failed to respond to a recall notice. Service records can demonstrate if a vehicle was unsafe to operate.

Police report

The law requires drivers to contact the police after a collision. A police report will contain an officer’s objective observations of an accident scene, identify witnesses and describe the damage.

In a personal injury action, you do not need to show proof beyond a reasonable doubt to make your case. Instead, you need to prove only that your account is more likely than not to be accurate. Strategically organizing evidence can equip claimants to make that showing successful.

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