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How do I safely pass a large vehicle?

by | Dec 6, 2021 | 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents, Personal Injury Law, Wrongful Death

Passing any other vehicle is always a move you must do cautiously. However, when it comes to passing a large truck, there are additional safety steps you should keep in mind.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration explains it is even more important to be sure the truck driver is aware of your presence and that you are passing than with a passenger vehicle due to the size and visibility issues of a large truck.

Blind spots

Large trucks have equally big blind spots, and you need to stay out of them when possible. When you pass, though, you have to drive right into the blind spot. A trick to know if you are in a place where the driver cannot see you is to look at his or her side mirror. If you can see the driver, then the driver can see you. If not, then the driver cannot see you and you are in a blind spot.

Make contact

It is important to make eye contact with the driver prior to passing. This will assure you that the truck driver knows you are there and has knowledge that you will be moving past his or her vehicle. Doing this can help to avoid situations where the truck tries to also move into the lane as you are passing.

Proper passing moves

When passing, you should never get too close to the truck prior to moving into the other lane. Always keep a good distance between your vehicle and the truck. Once you begin passing, do so as swiftly as possible. Do not linger beside the truck. Finally, once you pass, make sure you can fully see the truck in your rearview mirror before pulling back in front of it

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