What compensation can you seek after a serious accident?
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What compensation can you seek after a serious accident?

Extensive injuries resulting from an accident can be extremely costly. Aside from your medical care, you may have to deal with a lot of additional expenses.

There is no single formula that can tell you how much you will recover for your injuries. In fact, people dealing with the same type of injuries may have very different consequential damages. Here are some of the most common types of expenses that you may be able to recover when you take legal action after an accident.

Lost wages

An injury that keeps you out of work could deprive you of your income. If you prevail in a lawsuit, you may be able to recoup all of your lost wages. In addition, an injury that causes long-term or permanent disability may entitle you to recover the wages that you will be unable to earn in the future.

Ongoing treatment

Many serious injuries require continual medical care that can go on for months or even years. Medications, medical equipment, and physical therapy are examples of bills that you may have to pay after your initial emergency treatment.

Pain and suffering

The physical of an injury may be compensable. The amount that you can recover for pain and suffering can depend on the severity of your injury and the length of time that it diminishes your quality of life.

Ultimately, personal injury awards and settlement amounts are not arbitrary. The compensation that you seek should be commensurate with how an injury affected you economically and physically.