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All I Want For Christmas Is A Divorce!

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Family Law

Couple Christmas

Despite the desire to split, many couples, especially those with children, wait until after the holidays to file for divorce.There are obvious reasons for doing so. First, the holidays are expensive enough! Filing for divorce is not cheap either. Parents would rather spend their holiday budget on gifts for their children and not on attorney’s fees and who can blame them?Second, parents do not want to ruin the holiday experience for their children and create permanent negative memories of the holidays.The holiday season should be associated with warmth and pleasant memories not a family separating.Finally, holiday gatherings with relatives can be stressful enough whether or not you have children. People do not want their divorce to be the focal point of these gatherings.

Thus, despite how awkward it might be or how hard it is to keep a secret, it is probably best not only to wait until after the holidays to file but also to wait until after they are over to tell relatives.You do not want to create negative holiday memories for yourself either. Also, make sure that you give yourself time to replenish your bank accounts that have been drained by holiday spending.An average divorce with children can cost thousands of dollars.

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